Vacuum Pick Up Cylinders

Vacuum Pick Up Cylinders
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  • No additional controls are required
  • Short cycle times compared to traditional pick and place
  • Short cycle times means less leakage on porous product handling
  • Maintenance and lubrication free


  • The vacuum cylinders are in a rest position with piston retracted in the up position (1)
  • When vacuum is applied, the piston moves downwards (extends) until the vacuum cup which is
    attached to the piston via the connection thread, seals against the load to be lifted (2)
  • Both sides of the cylinder are now equalized and the internal spring retracts the cylinder rod to its
    original position holding the part securely (3)
  • Once vacuum is turned off the part is released from the vacuum suction cup (4)



Stock: 49

Vacuum Cylinder 25mm




Stock: 21

Vacuum Cylinder 17mm stroke




Stock: 48

Vacuum Cylinder 50mm


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