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Push to Connect Fittings Chests

Fittings chest contains two layers of pneumatic push in fittings offering the user a complete offering of maintenance type tube connections. Available in two versions with inch or metric tubing. Please note 5/32" and 5/16" are the same as 4mm and 8mm diameter respectively.

  • Over 40 Different Compartments
  • Easy Carry Handle
  • Hold and Includes 420 Fittings!
  • All threaded Models Have the Unique Pneuforce Universal Thread. Fits Female NPT. NPSF, BSPT,& BSPP Threads
  • Double Layer Sturdy Construction
  • Easy to read ID Tags for Fittings Reordering

Link to Pneuforce Data Sheets.

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This fittings demo case contains 38 Pneuforce fittings in both brass and plastic bodies with the uni..
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